Genki Ondo - Video Project

Please consider learning and dancing to "Genki Ondo"!

To close out the 2020 Obon Season, our home temple - Puna Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, is coordinating a world-wide Genki Ondo video! To participate, just play the short version of Genki Ondo (2 minutes) and videotape yourself doing the Genki Ondo dance. When done, click HERE to submit your video!

Video submission deadline is Saturday, August 29th at 11:59 pm HST.

Two suggestions to make sure that your video is the best quality:
1. The finished video will be horizontal orientation, so shooting your video in the same orientation will fit better!
2. Be mindful of your background/surroundings! Be sure to respect the privacy of others!

Did we mention that there are two prizes as well?
1. All entries will be entered in to a random prize draw!
2. Our panel of judges will also award a prize to the "most interesting scenery", so get creative (but stay safe!)

**Audio File - Short Version**

**Click here to submit your video**

Genki Ondo Dance Tutorial

(in person)